This is the third episode of Season 1 and the third episode overall

Written by William Hopkins

Directed by Henry Levin

It aired in USA on 10 January 1980.


Claudia is excited by an unorthodox teacher at school. Michael and Eric argue at the breakfast table. Karen is abrupt with them and looks out the window to see Gary and Val in an embraceful clinch. It is obvious she is feeling in a rut serving up the eggs and bacon whilst the usual humdrum family arguments continue. She asks Sid to go awat for a few days for a break but he states work is too busy. 

Richard is unhappy about the aforementioned teacher as he believes he is professing inappropriate material for the kids which could influence them. The teacher supposedly brings people of dubious circumstance and occupation to talk in class. At the School PTA, Richard holds court but wants support from an absent Sid. Karen leaves the meeting to use the public phone. She inadvertenty meets David Crane, the teacher and she is immediately taken by his confident and bright nature. Sid turns up to hear Richard list Mr Crane's alleged misdemeanors. Mr Crabe then defends himself and challenges parents to sit in on his class. Much to the chagrin of Richard, Karen agrees to do so. Val and Karen bump into David in a restaurant afterwards and it clear within minutes that there is an attraction between Karen and the teacher. She is allured by his energetic talk of protest and social causes. Karen feels she missed out of that part of her life by graduating from college pre 1968. Val notices she is inconsequential to the two people. David reads a poem and rings Karen as soon as she gets home. Both Karen and Richard attend a class and it involves a pregnant teenager what she gone through and the pitfalls of what has happened her, Karen is taken by the realism of the account and tells Richard she will fight him on the issue of the teacher's job. Karen goes to David's apartment with the intent of sleeping with him but after a long discussion realises she was attracted to the concept of this causy young man. Being a housewife is not as mundane as she first thought. Mr Crane defeats Richard who takes the result in a good manner. Karen and Sid are back being happy and tactile.

Main CastEdit

Ted Shackelford (Gary Ewing) 3 eps

Joan Van Ark (Valene Ewing) 3 eps

Michele Lee (Karen Fairgate) 3 eps

Don Murray (Sid Fairgate) 3 eps

John Pleshette (Richard Avery) 3 eps

Constance McCashin (Laura Avery) 3 eps

Claudia Lonow (Diana Fairgate) 3 eps

Steve Shaw (Eric Fairgate) 3 eps

Pat Petersen (Michael Fairgate) 2 eps

Guest StarsEdit

David James Carroll (David Crane)

Sherri Stoner (Mary Ann)

Jennifer Rhodes (PTA President)

Fran Bennett (Bev Talner)

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