Hitchike (Part 1) is the first episode of the second season, and the fourteenth episode altogether. It premiered on November 20, 1980.


The Episode opens up with Sid Fairgate driving through the city at night while on the way to his daughter's High School talent show. While at a stop light he is approached by a girl named Pam who asks for a ride, but Sid declines and proceeds to drive away when he notices in the rear view mirror the girl being hassled by two thugs with an orange van, one of them, being a surly young man with unkempt blond hair; threatens to harm the girl if she does not comply and enter the van. Sid races the car around and picks her up, saving her from a potential abduction. However not long after the girl asks for 100 dollars and Sid refuses, she lowers the amount down to 80 and suggests he pay her before she cries rape.

As the car approaches another street light Sid notices two squad cars by a gas station and makes mention that know would be the time for Pam to cry rape, much to Sid's shock she does this while grabbing control of the wheel and veering into the direction of the sqaud cars - all while screaming and feigning being attacked. The on-duty police officers approach the car, remove Pam and arrest Sid on her accusation of assault.

While in jail Sid is given his phone call and he uses it to call his neighbor Richard Avery, who is also a lawyer. Richard picks up Karen from the talent show and brings her to the station with him to get Sid.


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